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We're delighted you'd like to take part in Leen een Fries! At Leen een Fries you decide what events you want to join and what are your wishes when you loan someone. To ensure the contact and the event go well, we have put together a few loan conditions. You can read these below.

Your privacy

  • Leen een Fries will never share your data with third parties. Your e-mail address and other personal details you give us will not go any further.
  • If you are younger than 18, ask your parent/guardian first before creating a profile. If you are taking part in an event, always go with an adult. Let us know that you will be coming with someone else, then the organiser can take this into account.

Consideration for others

  • Accessibility
    Indicate for your event how accessible it is for those with a disability. Make arrangements with the organiser before the event takes place.

  • No one excluded
    Leen een Fries is for everyone: so, you should never refuse to take someone because of their ethnic origin, faith, etc.

  • Be considerate
    Be considerate of others, in your contacts through the website or by phone, and when meeting.

Contact via Leen een Fries

  • Be clear about who you are
    If you have an arrangement with someone, you want to know who they are. The same goes for people who may be meeting you. Add a clear, recent photo of yourself in your profile and use your real name, not a pseudonym. There is also the option to add a link to Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms, or your personal website.

  • No goods or romantic assignations
    Leen een Fries is not intended for the buying and selling goods or services, or to enable people to make assignations of a romantic or erotic nature.

  • Phone contact
    Contact between the knowledge provider and the knowledge gainer takes place via your Leen een Fries inbox. If you prefer to speak on the phone, that's fine: just communicate your phone details by e-mail.

Before, during and after the event

  • Events do not cost anything
    No payment changes hands for events on Leen een Fries. If the Frisian person incurs costs for the event (fuel, meal, etc.) or asks for a small contribution for the facilitating body, this should be discussed and agreed beforehand.

  • If you have a disability, please notify the organiser 24 hours in advance
    Need to cancel? Please give 24 hours’ notice, in the case of sickness please cancel as soon as possible! If you have arranged a substitute, inform your contact.

  • Agree the number of people
    Always agree how many people you will be bringing to the event.

  • Want to join an event again?
    If you want to loan this Frisian person again, that's no problem: simply check his or her availability and make another appointment.