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About Leen een Fries

LeeneenFries.nl is a platform for knowledge providers and knowledge gainers in Friesland. Through LeeneenFries.nl anyone, whether or not they are Friesland natives, can share and acquire personal knowledge and experiences.

Leen een Fries brings people together
LeeneenFries.nl brings people who know together with people who want to know. Because finding out about things does not always have to take place in a classroom, from a book or using Google. LeeneenFries.nl lets you share and acquire personal knowledge and experiences in small-scale meetings, without a commercial aim.

Find the Frisian person you are looking for
From readings and workshops to musical gatherings and sports events: on LeeneenFries.nl you can find the knowledge, event and Frisian person you are looking for. Whether you are offering to share your knowledge by organising an event, or are looking for someone who can teach you something or tell you something. Found what you were looking for? Make an appointment and get to know someone who knows!

How it works
Want to know how borrow a Frisian works? Watch the video below where we explain the concept step by step.